Random videos Created by: Cody Comeaux.
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***The video below***
This is how a Cajun wedding is celebrated on a Friday the 13th, edited Tarantino style!

Cody Comeaux was Videographer for this wedding, alone.
He did all of the filming, interviewing, traveling around, final A/V editing, etc.
The only thing that he didn’t create was the music soundtrack.
Cody was given a list of songs chosen by the bride and he selected them accordingly to the story line that he built.

*Cody Comeaux Creations does not own or have the rights to any of the music used, nor Friday the 13th*










The following are lyrics videos to 311 songs.  Cody Comeaux does not own any rights of the music.  The videos were just produced and created for 311 fans around the world.

All ownership, creation, and rights belong to 311:  N. Hexum, D. Martinez, C. Sexton, A. Wills, T. Mahoney, S. Ralston



*All Rights: 311 Records* *
Song written by: Scott Ralston, Aaron Wills, Nick Hexum, Doug Martinez, Tim Mahoney, & Chad Sexton.