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In the meantime, enjoy the New 311 – “Too Late” lyric video, beautifully created & edited in UHD, by Cody Comeaux!

“Too Late” is a new song from 311’s upcoming 12th studio album- ‘Mosaic’.
Release date:  June 23, 2017

*All Rights & Creation of the song- “Too Late” belongs to 311 & BMG Rights Management (US) LLC.

Cody Comeaux is a Professional Voice Over Artist residing in the Houston, TX area, but servicing everyone around the globe!
If you are looking for a voice with comedic timing, an experienced authoritative tone, that’s deep, powerful, and engaging, check out his VO demos below.

With quick turn-around time, full recording & production, Cody wants to be your newest Resource for any A/V Projects that you have in mind.

Cody’s VO Demos

Narration VO Demo Commercial VO Demo

If you hear that specific voice you want, just email him here-
He’ll discuss with you what you’re envisioning.
Make it fun.
And make it happen!


Steven Wahlberg
(Professional Voiceover Coach & former Producer at Such A Voice [Cody’s personal voice coach for 16 weeks])

“Deep and powerful, you have resonance and richness in your vocal timbre. What works for you is that there’s experience and authority, but when relaxed, your read style is approachable and inviting; an effective combination in engaging the listener. Combined with good pitch instincts and energy, this character in your voice makes its way into your reads, engaging the listener.”

Bill Brooks
(Technique Coach/Instructor; Voice Artist for over 30 years and now specializes in International Media)

“Hi Cody. Nice to meet you at my voice-over class today. I liked your voice quite a bit and would like to now share my assessment of your voice with you: “Cody, you were an inspiration to me. I will not easily forget you and the impression you made. I applaud you for having the courage to fight through the accident injuries and get on stage and make people feel happier about life. This can be carried into a voice over career as well. You have a great tonal quality to your voice and I can tell your performance experience has given you the ability to “tell the story” in a great fashion.”


Random videos Created by: Cody Comeaux.
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***The video below***
This is how a Cajun wedding is celebrated on a Friday the 13th, edited Tarantino style!

Cody Comeaux was Videographer for this wedding, alone.
He did all of the filming, interviewing, traveling around, final A/V editing, etc.
The only thing that he didn’t create was the music soundtrack.
Cody was given a list of songs chosen by the bride and he selected them accordingly to the story line that he built.

*Cody Comeaux Creations does not own or have the rights to any of the music used, nor Friday the 13th*










The following are lyrics videos to 311 songs.  Cody Comeaux does not own any rights of the music.  The videos were just produced and created for 311 fans around the world.

All ownership, creation, and rights belong to 311:  N. Hexum, D. Martinez, C. Sexton, A. Wills, T. Mahoney, S. Ralston



*All Rights: 311 Records* *
Song written by: Scott Ralston, Aaron Wills, Nick Hexum, Doug Martinez, Tim Mahoney, & Chad Sexton.